Programming Skills Business Fresh Business Graduates Should Know to Excel

In today’s business world, computer science skills or being able to program or code are getting increasingly in demand among business students. Besides writing about basic software programs such as Microsoft Excel, Access, Power BI and etc that every business fresh graduate should have a handle on, some computer science useful skills that will set you apart in your career and nearly anyone can learn in the space of a month will be talked about in today’s installment of my blog.

  1. Java – Java is the top programming skills that is the most sought after on the most job searching websites such Indeed or Monster. They get paid over $70K+ just by being Java programming language certified which is not too difficult and time-consuming to achieve. Many finance students use Java in banks to codify their operations. Hence, finance students
  2. C – C is the father of all databases, and knowing it is essential to grasping other databases like Java or C.
  3. SQL – Being able to operate SQL is a very lucrative skill. SQL is approved by the American National Standards Institute and most software giants like Microsoft use SQL as their database.

In conclusion, there are a few sources that will help get you started on honing your programming skills:

1. TopCoder

2. CodeKata

3. C Puzzles





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